Inspiration for My Characters

I constantly get asked “where do you find inspiration for your characters?” I look around me at the people that I know and the people that will pass briefly through my life. I observe what traits they have and take note of what I can tell from their personalities just by looking at them. Eventually, those things seep into the character creation that I do for each story. I want to make the characters realistic with similar issues that everyone in real life has so that readers will want to cheer them on or cry with them. The characters are what makes the heart of the story so you have to give them heart.

One thought on “Inspiration for My Characters

  1. I don’t mind drawing some of my characters from history or even from movies–but I work hard to make them characters in their own right, and not recognizeable as anybody else.

    One of the things that often helps me to nail down a character is to decide who would play him if the story were a movie. You’d be surprised how well that works.

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