“Write What You Know”

I’ve been asked if I agree with the adage “write what you know.” I absolutely don’t believe this. First of all, as writers, we feel the need to bring to life characters and worlds that readers will fall in love with. We don’t actually know these characters or live in these worlds. Writing what we know would be incredibly boring after the first book. As writers, we have the freedom to craft whatever we want. Why would we limit it to what we already know? Look at Science Fiction stories for example. Humans aren’t traveling through space and living on various planets with trade routes, different spaceships, and amazing holographic technology. Those ideas came from the mind of writers who envisioned that. Maybe it’ll be possible in the very far future, but it isn’t known. The writers created all of those planets, spaceships, and gadgets. So don’t write only what you know. Experiment. Always ask what if and let your imagination take you from there.

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