“Cinderella” Movie

First off, this can’t possibly contain spoilers because it’s Cinderella and we all know what happens.

I’ll admit, the commercials for this movie made me not want to see it because they were made very bland and never showed the best parts. The movie started off very Pride and Prejudice-y with a touch of whimsy. When the stepmother and stepsisters arrived, I wanted to know where the hell they got their fashion sense. Here was Cinderella and her father (kind of) wearing normal clothing for that period and then the stepfamily arrives looking like rich people from the Hunger Games. That threw me for a loop. Then we finally get a view of the royalty and such, but same thing. What the heck are they wearing?! At least Cinderella’s dress was beautiful yet more traditional. That’s probably why everyone else was staring at her and loathed her. She was the only one with a solid-colored dress without Candy Crush throw up on it.

Helena Bonham-Carter did an awesome job in the few moments she was on screen as the fairy godmother. She managed to get out several laughs and kept her dark, pleasantly creepy demeanor.

All in all, this is a film I recommend to everyone with kids and I give it 5-stars for the new little twists. Seriously, though, they need help with their clothes.

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