“Shadow Blossom” Published

The day has finally arrived! Shadow Blossom: Book Two of the Arbedenion Trilogy has been published on Amazon in Kindle and paperback versions!! This is the sequel to The Dragonscale.


Copyright © J.E. Feldman
Copyright © J.E. Feldman

The story continues thirty years later…

After her plans to destroy the Elven race are thwarted, Vampire Queen Gicessa spends time gathering together her army and unleashes her fury at another race. The Elves prepare for battle, and all looks well when Selkina marries for an alliance, until things go awry.
With new armies against them, the Elves are vastly outnumbered, especially when the dragons leave their realm. Their last hope is to trust in the appearance of an ancient legend. Legend states that she only appears when she’s needed most, and the Elven race depends on it now. Will she appear? Or is Shadow Blossom merely a legend?

Book Blurb:

The war horns sounded from the Black Dragons and the Vampires, echoing throughout the entire city. Soldiers rushed up onto the battlements to take their places, but Aris led her companions into the smallest green marble building nearby for shelter as flying projectiles began to arch over the fortified wall. Silent tears streaked down Cela’s face and the maid trembled against Aris’ back while Annerysa was focused, prepared to cast a spell at any moment. Rashnad gripped the hilt of his single-handed sword tightly while Jenaveve appeared to be determined. The red-head removed her bow from her back and nocked an arrow as she stood in the shadow of the door. Aris knew it was too dark for the woman to be able to make a clear shot, but the sight from this view was intimidating. The lady’s blue eyes were slits, her brow slightly furrowed, and her lips were set in a grim line as she stared out into the dark street waiting for a target.

There was no one Aris could ask assistance from.

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