My First Author Signing – Part One

My very first author signing is tomorrow! For those that don’t know, I signed up to do one a year ago when “The Dragonscale” was first published but there was a year waiting list. Now it’s finally arrived and I’m so nervous! I know it’s going to go well and that everything will be fine, it’s just the nerves that are getting to me. I’m not the most social butterfly around and even in school, I would work behind stage rather than on stage in the theater. I prefer making something work and having people wonder how it was done than to be put in the spotlight. But here’s my spotlight and it’s ready to swallow me whole! Most of my family will be there so I’m grateful for that. They’ll get to see the inner workings of what being an author means and it proves that this really is a well-paying job. It’s may be childish of me to throw that fact in their faces but I have to do it. Especially since a lot of people give up writing because of the peer pressure from their own families. I plowed right on through it.

I know a bit of what is to be expected tomorrow and I can’t wait to share my book to the local community! I have a feeling that I’ll be meeting some other fellow authors while I’m there and maybe even come across a writing club. I miss the Wandering Writing Workshop I was part of two years ago that fell apart and I’d love to belong to another group. Here is the Facebook event and I hope to see my local friends there! In my next blog post (Part Two), I’ll let you know how the event was.

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