“Curse of the Heroines” Published

The anthology for our Fantasy Writers group on Facebook has been published after a year of hard work!

Copyright © J.E. Feldman
Copyright © J.E. Feldman

Congratulations to the writers who have just become authors because of this book and way to go to our seasoned authors for another book under their belt! The book is available in paperback and on Kindle as e-book.

Here is the summary: Heroines. Good and bad, fighting for their cause. Will they succeed in their task? Will their worlds be bettered or worsened by their success? Read “Curse of the Heroines” to find out. Stories by: Angel Blackwood, Chadden Basnik, Gina A. Watson, Joann Shevock, John Ryers, Jordanne Fuller, Kyle Della-Rocco, Maeve La Fey, and Tom Atwood.

Amazon Buy Link – http://www.tinyurl.com/JEFeldmanHeroines

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