Inspiring Authors

(Originally published May 28th, 2011.)

Each writer has their own version of a ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’ of Writing. An author that, with their own stories, encouraged another writer to create their own worlds for others to read. I was speaking to a friend the other day and she told me that the authors who inspire her are Tolkien and Terry Goodkind. For those of you who haven’t heard of Terry Goodkind, here is his official website so you can read a little about him (under The Rules):
My personal Lord and Lady of Writing are Tolkien and Rowling. I chose Tolkien because when I am having a hard time writing, I immediately pick up The Hobbit, read a little of it, am inspired again, and can continue writing. I love the struggles he puts his characters through because in a way, it is realistic. In life, you will more than likely find yourself suddenly in a tight corner with very few options as to what to do. It’s the choices you make to get out of that corner that matters. As to why J.K. Rowling is my Lady of Writing, I love the originality that she has. When the first book came out, many people were thinking “a book about a wizard school?” Many didn’t like it at first because it was completely different. As the books continued to be published, readers were really starting to get hooked and the fact that the books are easy to relate to, again, is a major plus.
While many writers struggle to get their first book out there, you have to remember that, yes, it will be a difficult time for you. However, if you don’t give up on yourself and have faith that you will eventually succeed, you will be very successful. It’s not guaranteed because you have to make your own choices but just think for a moment. Every writer started out being unpublished. If just one writer can get their book published, why can’t you? Even if you think you’ve just written the worst book in the entire world, someone somewhere will publish it. Keep that in mind as you leap from one struggle to another in the writing world.


4 thoughts on “Inspiring Authors

  1. I have many role models for my writing. The two biggest are Edgar Rice Burroughs–nobody but Dickens could juggle sub-plots like the creator of Tarzan, without dropping any–and Agatha Christie for bringing characters to life.

    1. Thanks to my editor, I’ve known who Burroughs is, as well as the others. All very good choices! This article was a long time ago. Rowling is no longer on my list of inspirational people due to her being very rude to me a couple years ago. She’s let the fame get to her head.

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