Facebook Advertising: When It’s Good, When It’s Rude

With the massive number of people on social media these days, online advertising is ideal for everyone. There are thousands of groups dedicated to advertising on Facebook and ads pop up all over the page as you try to navigate the site. In most of those cases, those advertisers are only paying a few dollars to advertise with Facebook and it gets seen by thousands. The question every keeps asking is if it brings any revenue or page likes along with the views? The answer is an astounding yes. I promoted my author page on Facebook for a total of $5. In return, I gained over 300 new Likes, sold several e-books, and a couple paperbacks. For $5! What other large social media site can you do that on?

Many people who don’t know how Facebook advertising groups work claim that they’re full of only advertisers. This definitely isn’t the case. Every day, I promote once in each of my 42 advertising groups and receive a couple of Likes here and there and some more e-book sales. Originally, I had joined several of them to get good deals on e-books and to check out new authors. It’s not as big of a return as the $5 but it’s still free.

I run a Fantasy Writers group of nearly 5k members and it just happens to be a non-advertising group. When several people who have recently joined spam the group’s wall, the posts get removed and they get banned. Whenever you join a group on Facebook with the intent of advertising, you always need to read the entire description for the group. Mine has in the first sentence in all capitals “this is not an advertising group” but advertisers still spam the group. It’s extremely rude and isn’t necessary due to there being thousands of advertising-only groups out there. Pay attention and take care where you put your advertisements because while most of the time it will gain you customers, it can also gain you boycotts who aren’t afraid to spread the word.

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