Some Book Publishing References

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If you’re like me, most authors are on a budget. In this economy, good jobs are hard to come by and I’m lucky enough to hold a part-time at a tiny post office. It’s still not enough to survive on, but like many others, I manage. With this knowledge of me, you can bet that I try to find the best quality of services at a cheaper cost. This post is to present you with my personal list of references. These are people or places that I have personally used and recommend highly for self-publishing authors. Even though I am a Fiction/Fantasy/Horror/Romance author, these references are capable of doing (nearly) every genre. If you have any further questions for me, you can contact me in the comments.

Cover artists:

Bree Vanderland –

ES Tilton –

Jo Renehan –

Premade Covers 4 U –

J Ash B Designs –

SelfPubBookCovers –


Angel Thomas –

(The reason for only one editor reference is because I have found no one who is better or equal to Angel’s professionalism.)


Facebook Ads –

Your Local Newspaper

Create a Blog on WordPress or Blogspot

Create a Website on Webs or Wix.

Publishing Platforms:

Createspace –

Lulu –

Amazon KDP –

One thought on “Some Book Publishing References

  1. ES Tilton

    Love the clean new look and, as an author I found your entire site relevant. 🙂 Also, thanks for the blurb. Gave me warm fuzzies.

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