Sentimental Beginnings

I’m starting a new job where I’ll be an incoming customer service representative for CVS at a call center in Sarasota. This new job is full-time with excellent pay, full benefits, vacation time, etc. It’s everything I’ve been waiting for while working part-time at the post office. Now that it’s official and I’ll be starting November 30th, I’m of course feeling sentimental and sad that I’ll be leaving my current job. As of today, I have been working at the post office for exactly two years. It doesn’t sound like much but a lot has happened in that time. We’ve lost a lot of friends along the way, including our previous boss Linda and my grandpa, I was in a car accident and almost died, and the government tried shutting our job down. On a happier note, I moved into my own place in April, got a new car two days after the other was totaled, have made new friends and spent time with some old ones off at college, and am starting this new job. I am so excited.
I guess the reason I started writing this blog post is to say that every now and then, I remember how things used to be and it makes me sad. I miss spending the holidays with Linda and her chiding herself when she forgot her white sweater at work. I miss racing around in my silver Mazda 6. I miss going home to my mom’s house every day. I miss giving my grandpa big hugs when I visit and discussing the latest books and movies. I miss my dog, Sassy. But all of that is ok. I have those wonderful memories to be thankful for and to return to at any moment that I want. I just wish, like everyone else does, that I could make them materialize for a little while when that sentimental mood happens.

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