Published “Betrayals of Another Kind”

Here is the 2016 Fantasy Writers Anthology that we have all been waiting for since Curse of the Heroines last year! Twelve authors and twelve unique betrayals. We present to you Betrayals of Another Kind, available on Kindle and in paperback!

Copyright © J.E. Feldman’s Fantasy Writers Group

Summary: No one pays attention to the sidekicks, the apprentices, the stable boys, the second class characters, and they’re tired of it. Now the ones considered the heroes will become the victims of betrayal; whether deliberate or accidental, it makes no difference.
See the products of these betrayals in stories by:
Joann M. Shevock, R. Judas Brown, Angel Blackwood, Melissa Robitille, Daniel Eastman, Layne Calry, Gary Lee Webb, Sydnie Beaupre, Adele Marie Park, Kyle Della-Rocco, Michael R. Baker, and Victoria Harrison.

A Five-Star Review: “Outstanding stories with great imagination and plot twists worthy of Rod Serling at his best. Looking forward to seeing full-length works from these writers.”

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