Writing Updates

The writing has been flowing quite successfully lately.

The word count for “Beastly” has been doubled and surpasses 6k words at the moment. It’s coming along faster than expected and a final word count estimate is coming into sight. It’s looking like more of a novelette as each day passes.

“Strangers from Enamyre” has progressed to Chapter Seven and came to a screeching halt again. Trying to quickly rectify the situation and get back on track. Rereading the two previous books in the series to help get myself in the proper mindset.

The “Shadows of the Abyss” anthology is coming along nicely. The official book cover was finalized yesterday. In the process of editing the submissions accepted and once those are finished and being formatted, a cover reveal/release event will be created on Facebook. The link will be provided here when the time comes.

Currently accepting submissions for three anthologies in the Fantasy Writers group on Facebook – Villain, Paranormal, and Dark Fairytales. All of the information for them is listed in the files.

Other than that, keeping up with writing blog posts here and for Pleasant Reads. Ensuring the author pages are updated and ready for the newest releases. Looking into putting up more book reviews so stay tuned for those as well.

Until then, happy writing!


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