“Midnight Hollow” Published

Loralye DeBrock is a Witch Hunter who relishes her job. Her world is turned upside down when her magic is awakened by a traumatic experience. Fleeing for her life, the Human organization she once worked for frames the Witches for her demise to spark the Witch Trials. With enemies surrounding her, she’s rescued by two citizens in Midnight Hollow: a warlock named Ryder Campbell and a Vampire named Benjie Carter. Both appear to know more about the organization and the Human Elders than Loralye. Having nothing left to lose, the trio set out to prove the Human leaders are manipulating everyone in order for world domination.MH BLUE

This is the first of a thirteen book series. Available on Kindle.

A Five-Star Amazon Review – After reading the first part of the Witch Hunter Chronicles, I cannot wait to read the other books in the series! Midnight Hollow was a fast-paced, riveting, and compelling story that sucked me right into the world of the characters from the first page. I loved the main character, Loralye. She is strong and has character traits that make for a compelling and fierce female lead. J.E. Feldman, in my opinion, is a master at weaving intricate worlds with strong female characters that make you think, “I wish I were fighting for good alongside them!!” I am eagerly awaiting what J.E. Feldman will write next and looking forward to seeing what heroic deeds Loralye will do in the rest of the Witch Hunter Chronicles.

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