“Shadows of the Spectral” Published

Shadows of the SpectralAre you prepared to face your fears this Halloween season? Ghosts, monsters, and shadows darker than night. All await you within these stories by the following authors: A.M. Cummins, Layne Calry, and Joann M. Shevock.

A Five-Star Amazon Review – “Well done. I will be on the lookout for more from these authors.”

Available on Kindle.

“Bullies & Bastards” Published

BB front cover officialThese stories portray characters who believe themselves to be the heroes. In reality, they are sick, twisted villains with their own agendas. Delve deep into the six tragic tales provided to you by the following talented authors: Joann M. Shevock, Angel Blackwood, Layne Calry, Diane Drake, and A.R. Wilson.

Available on Kindle and in paperback.

“Hazardous 2” Published

The Resistance Begins… They made themselves known to Earth on September 15th, 2155, by attacking on the most difficult day of the week. Monday. Their placid teHazardous 2 coveral-skinned kind flooded Earth and the humans were rounded up like sheep within military bases. The aliens and our own scientists created something that mankind had feared for ages: smart zombies. It seemed the aliens would eventually leave and the clean-up of the zombies could begin. The captured humans were grateful for this. Until their luck ran out…

Kelsie, Matt, and Jim return in this short story after escaping from their prison in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Discovering a ravaged landscape and attempting to avoid blood-thirsty survivors who evaded capture, the trio manage to survive long enough to get themselves further into trouble.

Available on Kindle.

“Midnight Magick” Published

As a spark of romance blossoms between Loralye and Benjie, they all fight for their lives. The Witch Trials sparked a new war between Humans and witches, leaving the Werewolves, Vampires, and Fae folk to choose a side. Instead, some of them go rogue and Midnight Hollow tears itself apart. Families flee or risk being murdered on theirSensuality and attractive young woman face with beauty hairs own streets. The Human Elders hold more power than ever as magic-users are killed in droves. Soon, there will be no one with magic left to stop them from turning the world into a sadistic society.

This is the second of a thirteen book series. Available on Kindle.

A Five-Star Amazon Review This story came with the introduction of some pretty unique characters. But who doesn’t love a battle scene. The author did a great job with the action. It’s hard not to feel for the red headed witch and her friends.