“Jeremy Cutler and the Torch of Time” by Michael Faix

Five stars! From the moment I began reading, I thought to myself, this reads just like Harry Potter! The narration has a similar tone of voice as the first two of Rowling’s books and I couldn’t help but begin to feel excited about this. The book did not disappoint. This is a wonderful story about a young boy that all ages are going to love reading. Can’t get your child to enjoy reading? Hand them this next.

Summary – 

JEREMY CUTLER knows nothing of sailing with pirates, visiting a cursed villagejeremy, or confronting dark magic. All Jeremy wants is his family to be the way they used to be, and to have Christmas again, which had been cancelled three years ago, after the horrible accident.

But worlds collide when two ghosts arrive, sending Jeremy down a path to a fantastic place to search for an invisible castle that holds a grand destiny. But first, Jeremy must make it past the terrors of the forest… before something much worse finds him.

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