“Shadows of the Sea” Published

Pirates, mermaids, monsters, oh my!Shadows of the Sea

The depths of the ocean hold many untold secrets. Some are beautiful tales of mermaids who ride seahorses, and others are massive monsters bent on destroying every ship crossing its path.

Delve into these seven stories by the following authors: A.M. Cummins, Marcus Bines, Joann M. Shevock, Hui Lang, Irina Ivanova, Layne Calry, Angel Blackwood.

This is one of nine anthologies that have been published so far by J.E. Feldman’s FWG. Available on Kindle and in paperback.

A Five-Star Amazon Review – Top-class salty fantasy fiction! I bought this as an opportunity to read some new and different authors and I was not disappointed. Some really excellent writing and stand-outs for me are Blessed be the Brine by Marcus Bines (Enjoyable nods to the classic magic-comes-true tropes of the 80s, but with some proper horror suspense thrown in. Loved the tension building in the curtain scene); Seapod Seven by A M Cummins (delightful chance to inhabit a near-future world, establishing bases in the depths and finding we don’t know everything we think we do, and our inate curiosity and guileless assumption of affability may not be the best qualities for explorers); Malicyne’s Puzzle by Christian Michael Dutton (fabulous piratical adventure disrupting gender expectations, with shades of Indiana Jones and a twist in the tail); and A Legend of Five Stones by Irina Ivanova (beautiful bittersweet mini-epic of tragedy and *hopefully* triumph). Really looking forward to searching out other titles by these authors, my only complaint is that some of the stories ended too abruptly…but is it just that I wanted more?

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