My First Author Signing – Part One

My very first author signing is tomorrow! For those that don’t know, I signed up to do one a year ago when “The Dragonscale” was first published but there was a year waiting list. Now it’s finally arrived and I’m so nervous! I know it’s going to go well and that everything will be fine, it’s just the nerves that are getting to me. I’m not the most social butterfly around and even in school, I would work behind stage rather than on stage in the theater. I prefer making something work and having people wonder how it was done than to be put in the spotlight. But here’s my spotlight and it’s ready to swallow me whole! Most of my family will be there so I’m grateful for that. They’ll get to see the inner workings of what being an author means and it proves that this really is a well-paying job. It’s may be childish of me to throw that fact in their faces but I have to do it. Especially since a lot of people give up writing because of the peer pressure from their own families. I plowed right on through it.

I know a bit of what is to be expected tomorrow and I can’t wait to share my book to the local community! I have a feeling that I’ll be meeting some other fellow authors while I’m there and maybe even come across a writing club. I miss the Wandering Writing Workshop I was part of two years ago that fell apart and I’d love to belong to another group. Here is the Facebook event and I hope to see my local friends there! In my next blog post (Part Two), I’ll let you know how the event was.


I Accept

I was talking to a dear author friend of mine about websites and marketing when she mentioned that one way to maintain a solid audience is to blog three times a week for three years straight. That number looks intimidating (470 blog posts total). But over the course of three years, that’s an excellent number to drum up. The problem is having enough material for 470 interesting posts but that’s where my other hobbies will come into play. Looking back almost five years ago, I wrote a post about one of my all-time favorite interests. It was about the infamous Bermuda Triangle. (I have provided a link below to that blog post.) I have been following all of the research and studying all of its history for twelve years now. That’s a considerable amount of time for one thing! I have other hobbies that have been around for most of my life too. Reading and writing are obvious ones, weaving/knitting, video/pc gaming, movie critic, hiking, gem mining, frisbee, drawing, and so much more. I’ll finally be able to put all of my weird hobbies to good use. So, I will accept this challenge even though I am in the middle of book publishing deadlines! I can do this!

Life Changes

I’ve been unable to post in so long because of the lack of internet availability. Storm systems have been tearing through where I live and messing everything up. A lot of things are also going on in my life that have been keeping me extremely occupied. As for the writing, it’s been on the back burner for a while now as I’m trying to figure out my living arrangements and life in general out at the moment. The entire story is actually rather boring so I’m not going to post it here. NaNoWriMo is already here for July and a lot of people I know are taking part in it. I wish all of them much luck in reaching their goals by the end of it! In between stressing out a bit to reach those crazy daily word counts, remember to enjoy the writing process. It’s not as much fun if you make it seem like work.

Happy February

     Happy February 2013 already everyone. A month ago was the start of this year and when the resolutions for this year were made. How many of you have kept yours up until now and be honest with yourselves about it. If you haven’t managed to keep those resolutions, then why? What made you stray from your goals this year? It’s not too late to get back on track either. Make each year as different as possible so that they don’t just become a blur of old chances not taken. Do something crazy and have fun doing it. Of course this month also holds the Valentine’s Day holiday and you’ve now got less than two weeks to do something special whether you’ve got someone or are single. Go do something you’ll enjoy and stay out of the house for the entire day. Spend your February making new memories. Seriously, get to it!

End of the World

Today is when the world is supposed to end, lol. All in accordance to the Mayan calendar. People are crazy but it takes all kinds I guess. I still have electricity, haven’t seen a zombie/vampire/dragon, and the weather isn’t any different so this end of the world sucks, lol. A lot of people have been looking forward to this moment for a very long time and nothing happened. Well, I got my computer up and running again, finished my college class, and am trying to catch up with everyone again. However, I won’t have to do that if the world ends today, lol. Just playing. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and holiday. Merry Christmas ahead of time. 🙂

Happy December

It’s December already! Hanukkah, Yule, Christmas, Kwanzaa, all the good stuff is this month. But don’t forget that the rumor going around is that the world will end on Friday the 21st of this month, lol. At least some people think that since the Mayans ran out of room on their stone calendar. There’s a bit of a debate going around that it will end similar to the movie The Day After Tomorrow while others think it’ll be more like a combination of Revolution and Walking Dead. I honestly seriously doubt that anything different will happen other than crazy people going on killing sprees before killing themselves and the usual illegal things but just in case it does, I’ve got my money on The Day After Tomorrow, lol! I’m just kidding. That movie was awesome though! So I hope everyone has an awesome December and for those who don’t live in Florida, stay warm!

Started College!!!!

    Change of plans! I started college today and it’s for writing! I’m taking five classes that will help me better some writing skills such as editing and descriptive settings(because I seem to forget the seasons in my books) as well as the publishing processes. I already turned in my first assignment today and everyone has loved it so far but omgosh! I’m still overcome with joy, lol! Maybe sounds crazy but I accomplished another of my goals! Next is to get the editing and illustrations for Book One finished. Then to have it published! Holding my own published book in my hands is my ultimate dream so when that comes true, first I’ll probably cry while I’m jumping up and down screaming. Then I’ll have to make another huge writing goal. 😀 Looking forward to all of that!