One of Those Days

     Today is just one of those days where everything I do feels wrong and I feel like I’m getting sick. This week has been another rollercoaster for me. I will be getting my first book published before the end of this year and everything seems to be falling into place. However, two weeks ago when it felt the same way, the next day was completely different so I’m just waiting for someone to pull the plug on this as well. I’m nervous but excited and no, critics will not get inside my head. I’m over and out for the weekend because I’m too tired to blog much at the moment.

The Tallies

So, for this birthday, I’ve received four birthday cakes, two out-in-public dinners, and a wonderful steak dinner prepared by my best friend. We just spent the entire evening with Wolf and Debbie. It was amazing, as always, and now I have several books to read and movies to watch. I should really be sleeping early because I’m also going shopping tomorrow and have to get up early to take care of my dog but I think I’m going to pull another late-night, rather than an all-nighter. Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate my eighteenth birthday and I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

The Hunger Games

     The Hunger Games midnight premiere was amazing! It was cram-packed so we had to sit in the second row but wow! I was actually surprised by how accurate they got every scene(unlike Harry Potter). It’s definitely one of my new favorites and they better make the other two books into movies as well. Otherwise, we may just have to hunt them down and force them to. For those who haven’t read the books, you won’t find spoiler alerts here(as this is a very short post because I’m really tired from all of today’s events). You’ll love the movie and I suggest reading the books regardless of how amazing the movie is. There’s just that whole feeling you get after you read a book and to see it played out onscreen. It’s fantastic! So, happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor! ;p

First Day as an Adult

     Other than feeling really weird to be an adult and have so much responsibility and lenience abruptly, everything is pretty normal. My entire family are still asses(other than my mom) and they’ve broken all promises to me yet again. I went out with Nancy all day today on job hunts and managed to pick up six job applications. Now to fill them all out and to turn them in tomorrow. I actually pulled an all-nighter last night and slept for two hours so I wouldn’t strain my eyes, lol. I should be preparing myself for the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games tomorrow with my sister so I’m going to try to sleep for ten hours straight. Hopefully it’ll work, even with my allergies bothering me so much. ;p All in all, a good day. This entire week total will end up being awesome.

Last Day as a Minor

     Today is the last day that I’m a minor. Hard to believe, for me at least. Some people still can’t believe that I’ve done so much at a young age from running fantastic groups on Facebook to blogging like crazy to writing like my life depends on it. Tomorrow marks the passing of eighteen years. The next mark after tomorrow is age twenty and then it’s every ten years. It doesn’t seem that far away at the moment but I’m usually the one to reminisce about these kind of things while my friends go out and get themselves arrested. I’m still not entirely sure what I’ll being today other than going to dinner with my father but I’m going to find something to make this day count as much as the others in my life should have. It’s obvious I aim to be a writer but the full-time job searching officially begins today. I haven’t got that much more to say but I do believe that “wow” just about covers it all. ;p

Muck Monster

     Was at the park for a few hours today with the twins and Michael. It made my day, literally. They’re hilarious. Took Michael to see the emerald pond for the first time where chaos struck. I wanted a jar of water so he attempts to get it, right? First, he tries to walk to the edge but he literally sinks into the mud. Then he attempts to walk along a fallen tree that fell into the water a while back. He manages to crouch down and get the water before noticing a spider. Michael then slowly stands up and comes back to land before asking if there are any alligators in the pond, lmao! The whole time the twins and I were watching him worriedly but he survived. Then we started talking about piranhas and pond sharks, lol. All in all, today was completely awesome and I’m still grinning just replaying the events in my head. It even made this coming week bearable by having to see my father. Thanks for making life interesting, you guys. ;p

Twenty-Nine More Days

     Well, there’s one month left before I turn eighteen. This will be extremely interesting since I used to be excited about it and now I’m sort of blah about it. I’ve been counting down since 520 days until my eighteenth birthday, lol. It’s odd to not care about it now. I guess my expectations are much lower for this year now than they were towards the end of last year. Ah well. I’m having a “party” on Runescape and am still unsure of whether I’m going to have a real-life one or not. I don’t have that many friends that live in the area so I’ll probably hang out with my Wiccan friend, his wife, and my mom only. I have a blast with them every time anyway and since I’m not a very flashy person, it’ll be a nice little get-together. So, this is it. Twenty-nine more days.

Happy Valentine’s Day

     Happy Valentine’s Day. Yeah, it’s a happy day for all of you, yada yada. Get a room. So, to keep us “mushy-haters” entertained, I’ve come up with something amusing. Enjoy.


How to disappear off the face of the earth to people you dislike…

Step One: Tell everyone who hates Twilight that you love the series/tell everyone who loves Twilight that you hate the series.

Step Two: Get a haircut/color your hair.

Step Three: Wear makeup/don’t wear ANY makeup

Step Four: Change the way you talk

Step Five: Rename all of your accounts and block people/Block people but they’ll find you on another site because they know what you like

Step Six: Change your phone number

Step Seven: Make a new e-mail address and use the old one for spam

Step Eight: Avoid spending a lot of time at your usual hangouts

Step Nine: If you see someone you’re avoiding, speak in an accent and pretend your name is Helga/Harold

Step Ten: You can’t disguise your car so occasionally take the bus or walk

For the Serious People…

Step Eleven: Change the way you walk

Step Twelve: Wear vibrant colors/wear dull colors

Step Thirteen: Choose different jewelry/wear none

Step Fourteen: Change all of your favorites

Step Fifteen: Redo your entire iPod

Step Sixteen: Volunteer/be a hermit

Step Seventeen: Read giant books/read picture books

Step Eighteen: Change your job

Step Nineteen: Move to a different state or country

Step Twenty: Better yet, just tell them to f-off

Happy February

     Voila, it’s already February 2012. Time sure flies. So far, I’ve written two more chapters of Book Two so I’m off to a pretty good start for this month already. As for what else is going on…My paternal grandmother called yesterday to ask if I wanted to take a course to be a pharmacy technician. She’d pay for the whole thing for my mom and I. Well, that’s pretty suspicious seeing as she hasn’t talked to me since April of last year. So, I thought I’d give it a shot. Free education, right? I’m unsure if I’ll actually go through with it though because of how suspicious my paternal family is acting as of this moment. I think they’re planning something but I can’t be too sure. After all, all of them are control-freaks. If I can get the job at the factory like I’m hoping for my first job, the pay will be better than being a pharmacy technician, plus I’d get my full-benefits much faster. I can work there while taking the online course so I have some money in my pocket by the time I get my certification. By that time I’ll see if I actually like being a pharmacy technician, the benefits of it, and then I’ll see whose hiring. If no one really is and I’m still happy working at the factory, I’ll simply stay at the factory and can use the pharmacy technician certification as a back up plan should anything go wrong. It sounds almost as if I have everything already planned out, right? Wrong. I seriously doubt anything will go as planned, because it usually never does around here, but here goes nothing.

South Carolina

     So, I’ve been in South Carolina for nearly two full days now and am having the time of my life with my Papa and Mary-Jane! I’d forgotten just how beautiful the country is and I can’t wait to move back here(will do so at the first opportunity). It’s going to be really hard going back home after a week here…Here in South Carolina it really feels like home but in Florida, it never really has. Well, I’ve got my accent back! Hopefully I’ll keep it for a very long while because I absolutely love it. Again, can’t believe how much I’ve been missing around here for over nine years. Well, over and out, probably until I fly back.