A Year’s Worth of Updates

Well, it’s been a very long time. Almost a year, in fact! Quite a lengthy stretch of time for someone who used to blog often for eight years straight. I can’t guarantee I’ll be back to the same amount of posts, but keep an eye on this space for upcoming news. For those who have stayed on as followers, thank you! This is an extraordinarily long post so grab the beverage of your choice and pull up a chair. Feet propped up? Here we go.

First up, Dragon Soul Press. After years of having the Fantasy Writers group on Facebook and publishing anthologies so foundling authors could gain publishing credits to help further their careers, a new traditional publisher was born. This happened shortly before I disappeared from this blog. I threw myself into work and have built DSP into an amazing publisher that currently caters to over 200 authors, growing by the day. You can view all of the titles on the website or follow the Facebook page for the latest.

DSP has been featured in Writing Magazine, UK’s largest and bestselling magazine for authors. DSP also appears on multitudes of other websites, such as Duotrope, The Horror Tree, and The Grinder. There are far more I’m sure we don’t know about yet, but each one is extremely exciting and a testament of how far DSP has come in a short time. Most new publishers find themselves closing their doors within the first few months. Thankfully, due to the amazing writing community and the fantastic team behind the publisher, Dragon Soul Press will be around for many years to come. Dare we say generations?

Second, J.E. Feldman. Though my own writing has slowed down quite a bit due to working two full-time jobs and having a very introverted life, I have still accumulated a whopping thirty-one publications as of this post. Six books a year is still a reality. I’ve been very honored lately to be personally invited to join multiple anthologies. I have also been getting so many co-authoring requests that there is now a carefully managed list of potential authors to team up with. It’s an incredible feeling!

As usual, I’m currently working on several different projects. At the forefront is a novel called Quest of Angels. I snagged the premade cover from Atlantis Book Design and the book immediately began writing itself. It shoehorned its way into my schedule earlier last year and is currently still undergoing a rewrite. Publication is tentatively planned for later this year.

The sixth book of the Witch Hunter Chronicles is coming slowly, but surely! It is still planned as a thirteen-book series and all of the covers have long since been acquired. If you haven’t caught up with this series yet, start the journey here.

I have taken a break from the Cassandra Avocet series because it didn’t gather as much interest as originally hoped and there are many other fantastical things to write. If readers want the third book anytime soon, they are welcome to petition for it sooner.

Considering it has been a long time since the second book of the Arbedenion Trilogy has been published and my writing style has drastically changed, I am seriously considering doing an entire rewrite and rebranding of the first two books. The overall series is outlined for at least twenty-four books and I would have more peace of mind updating books I wrote at fifteen. Since I can’t fit it into my schedule anytime soon, this could almost be considered a trunked project.

Other trunked projects include titles that may not be familiar unless you have been an excellent stalker:
Rogue PrincessDeath Gem of GarzaBattle for Nanbet | Deadly Prize | A Second Life Lived | Written with Love | Fallen Skies | Cursed | Queen of the Sea | Ember | the Godmother Diaries series | Veracity | Torn Between | Siren’s Calling | Misery | Once Upon a Dream | Ranger of Death | Blue Moon | Forgotten | Castle of a Thousand Dreams |

Now that depressing bit is over, let’s focus on what will be coming relatively soon:
Quest of Angels | Haven | Beastly | Tempted | Hunted (Witch Hunter Chronicles #6) | SoulGrace | Instinct (featured in Coffins & Dragons anthology) | Reign of Queens (anthology)| Revenge | Legend | Organic Ink: Volume Two (poetry anthology) | Exile | Decadence | Lost Love (anthology) | Lethal Impact (anthology) |

None of the above are in any semblance of order, except I would like to have Quest of Angels wrapped up and ready for release sooner rather than later. It isn’t nearly as old as some of the other projects, but it is the next solo release I am most excited about.

As usual, I could always use some beta readers for my work. If you’re interested, join my street team on Facebook. Believe it or not, The Dragon’s Den has still been active as I seem to spend most of my days on Facebook compared to all other social media. It’s where I interact with the most amazing people and feed my cover art obsession. With other 700 covers (honestly, I lost track shortly after that), my fingers may very well start bleeding from all the writing I am expected to do. With the DSP team growing, I will be reclaiming some time for myself and getting these projects done.

Speaking of which, I need to get back into writing articles for TSR Games and other sources. As you can tell, I have the “squirrel” effect when it comes to new projects. I want to attempt everything at one point or another, especially if it is able to benefit the writing community in the end. Patience is a virtue.

Third, real life. I went from being an IT analyst for Whirlpool to playing secretary again for the family auto body business. Things worked out for the better because their company ended up closing down the location after I left.

Copyrighted © J.E. Feldman

We went to Alabama and picked up our beautiful little beagle. We’ve had her a year now and though full grown, she’s just under twenty pounds. She gets along most of the time with my male cat, but my female cat avoids her at all costs. My two hamsters died. Well, one died. The other kept wanting to be Houdini and ended up getting himself lost. Pretty sure he became a cat snack in the end. Lesson learned. No more tiny pets.

On a week-long trip to Alabama, I stayed at a gold camp with my mom. We had an amazing time and were outside the entire time. We chickened out and got a cabin so we had a/c since it was summer, but well worth it because we were well-rested for all the shenanigans. The picture you see is one I took while gallivanting in one of the five creeks. It’s photography worthy, right?

I’m planning on going again because while there are many other amazing places to go (and yes, I’ll get to them eventually), the camp was so calming and most importantly had limited WiFi capabilities so I was genuinely forced to not work. Don’t get me wrong, I still snuck off in town when we went to pick up a handful of groceries, just to make sure nothing had caught fire while I was gone. Everything was handled amazingly by the DSP team and I’ll always be extremely grateful for them!

While I put on a happy face for everyone and work nearly non-stop, it’s been extremely hard after the sudden death of my fiancé. I have PTSD that is going untreated due to lack of insurance and it’s still not possible to enjoy media entertainment that I used to adore (example is Fast and Furious and Transformers). I’m still unable to finish shows we had started watching, at times have anxiety while driving, and find myself catching my breath when I see motorcycles. It has been a little over a year and a half. Everyone handles things differently and should take all the time they need. I now speak from the experienced side of that.

To help cope and keep busy (I’m sure you think I’m crazy by now and can’t possibly have any free time left), I’m planning on joining a huge local Mustang group soon. I bought my second one earlier this year and am a little tired of hydroplaning around (because of all the rain, ha) and hunting down car shows on my own. I think it will be nice to have a bunch of gear-heads to hang out with again.

In the meantime, I have also been crocheting blankets of various sizes: from baby blankets to king-sized. Some people will be getting them for gifts this year (I know, spoiler alert) in time for the “cold” Florida winter.

Have you read any good books lately? I’m finally finishing up the Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas since a new friend I met in a record/bookstore helped me out with some spoilers so I wouldn’t have a PTSD episode. Thank goodness for other bookworms, right? Other than the amazing new manuscripts and anthology submissions pouring in for Dragon Soul Press, I haven’t been reading anything new except for technical books so we can expand the business further for plays and television scripts. It’s all very exciting!

I’m also back in college; I originally finished in 2013. Taking three courses simultaneously and loving every minute of it. Yep, I’m one of those weirdos who enjoyed learning and excelled in school. It’s been extremely helpful in the long run!

There are actually more updates, but I feel like readers may be losing interest as this is already so lengthy. As I said before, thank you very much to those who have remained followers and who take the time to read this. Feel free to leave your comments below to be answered by yours truly!

Until the next post.  ♫dramatic music♫

“Midnight Retribution” Published

Midnight RetributionReturning to Midnight Hollow, Loralye and her companions discover the Elders have completely unleashed the Werewolves. Hope for their future is restored when an important alliance is made and an elaborate plan is set into action. They must face a variety of strange monsters, an astonishing discovery, and overcome grief. It’s still only the beginning of returning Midnight Hollow back into a safe haven.

This is fourth in a thirteen book series. Available on Kindle.

A Five-Star Amazon Review – This is a must-read! I’ve patiently waited for this book to release since finishing the last one. Feldman did not disappoint with a fast-paced exciting story.

The shocking twist in this book will have me thinking about these characters and story for awhile. Can’t wait for the next!


“Shadows of the Sea” Published

Pirates, mermaids, monsters, oh my!Shadows of the Sea

The depths of the ocean hold many untold secrets. Some are beautiful tales of mermaids who ride seahorses, and others are massive monsters bent on destroying every ship crossing its path.

Delve into these seven stories by the following authors: A.M. Cummins, Marcus Bines, Joann M. Shevock, Hui Lang, Irina Ivanova, Layne Calry, Angel Blackwood.

This is one of nine anthologies that have been published so far by J.E. Feldman’s FWG. Available on Kindle and in paperback.

A Five-Star Amazon Review – Top-class salty fantasy fiction! I bought this as an opportunity to read some new and different authors and I was not disappointed. Some really excellent writing and stand-outs for me are Blessed be the Brine by Marcus Bines (Enjoyable nods to the classic magic-comes-true tropes of the 80s, but with some proper horror suspense thrown in. Loved the tension building in the curtain scene); Seapod Seven by A M Cummins (delightful chance to inhabit a near-future world, establishing bases in the depths and finding we don’t know everything we think we do, and our inate curiosity and guileless assumption of affability may not be the best qualities for explorers); Malicyne’s Puzzle by Christian Michael Dutton (fabulous piratical adventure disrupting gender expectations, with shades of Indiana Jones and a twist in the tail); and A Legend of Five Stones by Irina Ivanova (beautiful bittersweet mini-epic of tragedy and *hopefully* triumph). Really looking forward to searching out other titles by these authors, my only complaint is that some of the stories ended too abruptly…but is it just that I wanted more?

“Midnight Mayhem” Published

Having unsuccessfully faced the Werewolves and Federal Witch Investigators, Loralye and her allies are forced out of Midnight Hollow. After establishing a Midnight Mayhem _3 paperback copycampsite nearby, they continue their efforts in rescuing survivors from the ongoing massacre. When Benjie is bitten, they are forced to travel to New Saudry in a desperate attempt to find a cure. An extremely powerful couple run the city, but requesting a favor from them seems impossible since the Hollow isn’t the only place with a Werewolf problem. With time running out for Benjie and the survivors back home, Loralye races to save everything she loves, but sacrifices have to be made.

This is third in a thirteen book series. Available on Kindle.

A Five-Star Amazon Review – This book follows Loralye on her mission to save the vampire she loves who was bitten by a werewolf while trying to save the innocent. Packed with lots of action and excitement, I am anxious to read the next release.

“Timeless” Published

Timeless delivers a fresh, dark twist on traditional fairytales knowTimeless promon around the world. In this edition, you’ll find retellings of the Little Mermaid, Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin, Beauty and the Beast, and Snow White. Will you be able to recognize them? These aren’t your average fairytales.

Fathoms Below by Angel Blackwood
Little Red Riding Wolf by Joann M. Shevock
Price to Pay by A.M. Cummins
The Beast and the Rose by Layne Calry
Deadly Snow by J.E. Feldman

Available on Kindle and in paperback.

A Five-Star Amazon Review – “Excellent book of short stories.”

“Hazardous 2” Published

The Resistance Begins… They made themselves known to Earth on September 15th, 2155, by attacking on the most difficult day of the week. Monday. Their placid teHazardous 2 coveral-skinned kind flooded Earth and the humans were rounded up like sheep within military bases. The aliens and our own scientists created something that mankind had feared for ages: smart zombies. It seemed the aliens would eventually leave and the clean-up of the zombies could begin. The captured humans were grateful for this. Until their luck ran out…

Kelsie, Matt, and Jim return in this short story after escaping from their prison in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Discovering a ravaged landscape and attempting to avoid blood-thirsty survivors who evaded capture, the trio manage to survive long enough to get themselves further into trouble.

Available on Kindle.

“Midnight Magick” Published

As a spark of romance blossoms between Loralye and Benjie, they all fight for their lives. The Witch Trials sparked a new war between Humans and witches, leaving the Werewolves, Vampires, and Fae folk to choose a side. Instead, some of them go rogue and Midnight Hollow tears itself apart. Families flee or risk being murdered on theirSensuality and attractive young woman face with beauty hairs own streets. The Human Elders hold more power than ever as magic-users are killed in droves. Soon, there will be no one with magic left to stop them from turning the world into a sadistic society.

This is the second of a thirteen book series. Available on Kindle.

A Five-Star Amazon Review This story came with the introduction of some pretty unique characters. But who doesn’t love a battle scene. The author did a great job with the action. It’s hard not to feel for the red headed witch and her friends.

“Shadows of the Abyss” Published

In the shadows of the abyss, demons lurk. Most come with the insatiable Paperbackurge to destroy everything in their paths, but some are tortured with redeemable qualities. How will these ten stories end? This anthology includes stories by Joann M. Shevock, Steve Benson, Gary Lee Webb, Layne Calry, Sue Harmeling, Jon Ray, Felicity Swan, M.D. Kubit, Laurie Bis, and Jenn Landon-Neubaer.

Available on Kindle and in paperback.

A Five-Star Amazon Review – “This collection of short stories really got me into the Halloween spirit this year. Each story was a new adventure from dark creatures that can only be killed using a stone infused with Angel blood to a playful Werewolf. I don’t have the time to read as much as I like. These short stories were perfect for me because I had the satisfaction of story closure every time I read. Favorite story was Curio.”