Crystals Galore

My family and I went to the Red Barn vendor marketplace yesterday and I found the crystal store I had been to before. They have so many different pieces that are beautiful and amazing! That got me back to thinking about opening my Etsy store to start selling my herbal scented pouches and the various crystals that I already have from mining in North Carolina and here in Florida. It would bring in a little bit more income along with my book sales and my part-time job at the post office. We could use every little bit we can get right now, especially since we are wanting to finally get our own place. I’m going to think it over for a while longer before jumping directly into it. I’m always collecting hundreds of crystals, stones, and interesting jewelry so this could be a good opportunity to start clearing some space for more books. ;p

Archaeology Burials

Archaeology is a very intriguing subject because of all of the insight into the past. However, isn’t it inhumane to dig up the bones of humans and their animals to then show them off in museums? I think digging them up and studying them is all fine and dandy but after the research is done, I feel that they need to be put back where they were found and buried. Putting them on display in museums is the same as digging up your great-great grandmother’s bones and putting her on display. It doesn’t seem right. The people back in the day took the time to have the same traditions of burying as we do today, so why are we being disrespectful of that? Leave the dead alone after the research, rebury them, and move along. I understand that this is not how it will ever go and that most people oppose this idea. It is just an opinion that I have always had because in 1,000 years, I certainly don’t want my family or myself dug up and then put in a museum. Who knows, it could happen. Just something to think about on this beautiful Saturday afternoon.

All Mashed Up

I’ve been forcing myself to blog lately and some of you may have noticed this. It’s mostly so I’ll stay in the habit of blogging and won’t completely abandon this project like I have done all of the other blogs and websites I’ve previously started. No, this one I’ve had the longest and I’m keeping it. I still remember when my friend, Alexandra, introduced me to blogging and insisted that I start a blog too here on WordPress. I became obsessed with it, sometimes posting several times a day back in the early days. She ended up quitting blogging soon after I started but I’ve always enjoyed the thought that just a little bit of what I think is being read by someone sitting at their computer at home with a cup of steaming coffee or tea next to them. It’s not like my thoughts will ever change the world or anything, it’s just nice to know that at least one person other than me is seeing these words and can offer up their own thoughts on it. This is actually way off-topic from what I was going to originally post today but a trip down memory lane never hurts.

On the 19th, I paid my first phone bill. I know it probably doesn’t seem like a lot but it does to me because that’s one less thing that I have to communicate with my father about. He believes that he can buy me off instead of actually spending any time with me but after all these years, he still hasn’t figured out that I just wanted to talk to him. Well, since before the divorce, I haven’t wanted to speak to him ever again. But there was a brief time after the divorce happened and about a year of me not speaking to him often that he seemed to be trying to actually be a father. However, that was snuffed out fast by the fact that it was all complete bull. From his own mouth, I am “just collateral damage” according to him and he’s quite happy with the girlfriend he cheated on my mom with for years and her two kids. Oh but everyone always tells me that he’s such a great guy! Yes, to everyone but his own family. In order to not speak to him ever again, I need to afford my own car insurance but that’s  a long time coming since I found out recently that it will cost me over $300/mo. I don’t even make that much a month these days. One paycheck alone barely covers my phone bill. It amazes and pisses me off how many taxes and how high prices are for anyone under the age of 21. Get a better job, you say? Well, no one is hiring anyone without several years experience and/or a Bachelor’s degree in something similar. Jobs are scarce, pay is minimum wage, and prices for everything is sky-rocketing. Exactly a month from now, I’m turning 20. To think that when I was a little kid, I thought that everything would be a lot better when I turned 18. What a great illusion.

Writing and Music Endeavors

That short story I talked about in August actually ended up being a novelette at 9,957 words named Virthralas and was completed September 19th. I’m looking into having it published sometime this next year and I’ve, of course, started even more writing projects on top of what I already have. Book Two is not going to be finished by the end of this month as I had hoped but it will definitely be completed after we get situated in the new apartment. We’re moving mid-December so things will be hectic in between all the holidays. I received a violin as an early present and LOVE IT!! I’ve been learning to play songs by ear and have a long way to go to master the technique of the bow but it’s a lot of fun. I’m also strengthening my guitar and piano playing but think I will hold back on the songwriting again. At least for a while. Of Monsters and Men is currently my favorite band because I can listen to all their songs on repeat for hours while getting inspiration from them to write. So things have been really good lately. I hope everyone is doing well in their own life endeavors.

Summer of 2013

So I haven’t blogged very well in the past few months. Summer has been here and it seems like there isn’t much time for anything other than being outside soaking up the sun and then hanging out with friends at night. Not that any of that is bad, just leaves little time to sit down and think about things on a regular basis. So on the few days/nights when there’s absolutely nothing to do, that’s when all those thoughts randomly collide and give me a headache. More things have happened that are life-changing that I haven’t felt like announcing to just anyone but it’s still going ok. I’m keeping afloat for now anyways.

One thing I don’t understand is why people have to copy my actions. It is NOT the sincerest form of flattery and it gets to be very annoying. I’m a writer (as you know) and I’ve known what I am my entire life. When I talk to a friend about writing(a friend that has never had any intention of writing at all), all of a sudden they’re starting to write a novel and they’re planning to have it published. I want to be fully supportive about it because I’m their friend, but I can’t be. Maybe it’s just because they haven’t found their own place in the world and I’ve always known I had the writing gig. Whatever the case, it makes me have mixed emotions because getting published is something that I’ve been working for since forever and I’ve just got some friends that can go out and do it in a week while not really caring about any of it. Guess it’s just another challenge in life or whatever. Tolerance and patience.

Happy February

     Happy February 2013 already everyone. A month ago was the start of this year and when the resolutions for this year were made. How many of you have kept yours up until now and be honest with yourselves about it. If you haven’t managed to keep those resolutions, then why? What made you stray from your goals this year? It’s not too late to get back on track either. Make each year as different as possible so that they don’t just become a blur of old chances not taken. Do something crazy and have fun doing it. Of course this month also holds the Valentine’s Day holiday and you’ve now got less than two weeks to do something special whether you’ve got someone or are single. Go do something you’ll enjoy and stay out of the house for the entire day. Spend your February making new memories. Seriously, get to it!

The 2013 New Year

_____Happy New Year, everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. Finally just got over the flu that’s been going around. It royally sucked but still not as bad as the H1N1. So let’s see, I don’t really have any New Years’ resolutions other than to write more but I think I did pretty well last year seeing as I completed my half-way mark for Book Two and came up with thirty-seven new short story/novel ideas. So definitely to read and write more as well as travel and be outside more. Other than that, not much else has changed. I’ll be starting two college classes on the 16th since I finished my first one Dec 21st. I figure two at once will be a bit more challenging. I’ve been working at the auto body shop for a little over six months now. Time flies. Hell, it’s already twelve days into the new year. So whether you’re still sticking with your resolutions or not, Happy New Year and here’s to the promise of another great year.


It’s been almost a year and a half since I’ve blogged on the original Into the Mind of the Writer blog and that’s because I still haven’t found a fellow blogger who is interested in helping me make it a reference for writers. I’m not looking for someone to take over the entire blog but I want to add a fresh view to things. My style of writing is only one way and having a second writer on the blog will broaden the scope. If more than one person is interested in trying this out, I’ll be more than happy to have more than one person. Each post needs to be at least a paragraph long whether it’s about how-tos, your own projects, something interesting you read that involves writing, etc. You don’t need to be published or write novels. You can be a poet, musician, journalist, etc. The point of this is to expand the blog with more knowledge. Just keep in mind that the blog isn’t for advertising. It’s to be used as an inspiring reference for writers whether they’re just starting out or are experienced. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find someone who isn’t too busy to do this or doesn’t already have their own set of blogs. If you’re interested, please comment below. Here’s the link to the blog:

Started College!!!!

    Change of plans! I started college today and it’s for writing! I’m taking five classes that will help me better some writing skills such as editing and descriptive settings(because I seem to forget the seasons in my books) as well as the publishing processes. I already turned in my first assignment today and everyone has loved it so far but omgosh! I’m still overcome with joy, lol! Maybe sounds crazy but I accomplished another of my goals! Next is to get the editing and illustrations for Book One finished. Then to have it published! Holding my own published book in my hands is my ultimate dream so when that comes true, first I’ll probably cry while I’m jumping up and down screaming. Then I’ll have to make another huge writing goal. 😀 Looking forward to all of that!