Game Time

     Today I ended up going to the mall with a couple of friends and it was awesome! We started off by walking around and just talking before running into the game zone. We played air hockey and a couple other games for a while before behold, there was laser tag. The best game in the universe and I haven’t played it in years. In we go and this one was very space-like. Ten minutes of hunting each other down and it was epic. When we finished, we checked out our scores. Scarily, mine at 1,980 points doubled theirs, lol. I got hit six times versus the thirty-one I shot. Apparently a high score for the game too and I got called “Raptor.” Then it was back to some more air hockey before we went ahead to Books-A-Million where we got coffee and discovered that there were books not only 20% off but used and in very good condition for only $2-6 each. Needless to say, I was in heaven and managed to finish collecting two series. All in all, a good Saturday. Now back to my reviewing need-to-read list. ;D

Happy November

     Happy November! Time for cooler weather, thank god, lol. Don’t get me wrong, summer is awesome but I loooove fall and winter. So! I’ve been extremely busy lately. It turns out that I will finally be starting college in late January so I’m really excited. It won’t  be for writing though and I’ve been told I’m crazy but it’s for a fifteen-month auto body course. I’ll have even less time to do anything during that time but it’ll be awesome regardless.

Happy October!

Happy October 2012! As always, time keeps passing far too quickly but here is the month that means pumpkin pies and trick-or-treating to most people. It’s also the month before we are bombarded by several holidays right after the other. Before we know it, it will be January 2013 and all of those New Years’ Resolutions will be put into effect again. So, with that in mind, let’s embrace this year’s October and take it slowly instead of rushing through things. Halloween will surely come faster than we expect but hold on to the time now instead of rushing through life. I think it’ll be far more enjoyable that way. Happy October and have a good Monday.

Happy September

     It’s already September of 2012. Holy crap! The year is practically almost over! I don’t know about all of you but I know that I’m now feeling rushed to finish all of my writing goals for this year. Between real life and the fiction world, it’s been intense keeping both on a straight track but it’s fun. It’s the “stupid” little things that give me ideas for the stories and my refound obsession with ships and the ocean has returned, ha ha. That’s also taking up quite a bit of my time but it’s most certainly worth it. I hope that everyone has an excellent month and remember to keep your head up if last month wasn’t so great for you. It’s a new month full of new things, just the same old bill and expenses though. Wish those would go away. ;p Have a good three-day weekend!

The New Additions

     The end of this month will be the fifth month since we lost our beloved Sassy. We planned on getting another dog but since it was too traumatic when we were actually going to go through with adopting a dog, we settled on an alternative. Two cats; one each. They both chose us when we went so voila. So far they are both settling in nicely and I’ll post pictures of the two of them eventually once they sit still long enough so they aren’t just a streak, lol. Other than that, I haven’t been writing very much or keeping tabs much with anyone. I am in a relationship with the most amazing guy and in the midst of all the stress from work/family, he’s as understanding as ever. I don’t know the entire situation about my book still. It’s highly unlikely that it’s going to come out this year at this point though so I don’t want to keep everyone’s hopes up. I do want to finish the trilogy before I publish the first one as such though, just to ensure that it truly is because sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. Just taking things kind of easy right now.

The Latest Battles

     So my latest battles consist of several things. Starting with why I was in the hospital a couple days ago. I was having stomach pains for about eight days and the last day was so bad that I absolutely had to go. My mom believed it to be appendicitis because I had all of the symptoms. I ended up getting my first IV(which royally sucked!) and turns out that I passed a kidney stone. Next problem was that it’s hereditary and has nothing to do with me eating too much salt. Yay. Second battle is, of course, my father. He texts me and I actually respond(shocker there). Then, a couple of weeks later, he demands to know why I’m not speaking to him and blames me for not communicating. First of all, he said he would check in with me every other day and it’s not like I want to talk to him anyway. He’s made it clear he doesn’t want to be in my life and that he’s never going to make a real effort so why should I even bother? So there’s that situation. Then there’s the fact that it’s been exactly three weeks since my dog died and it still feels like the entire situation occurred only yesterday. I’m having some trouble with that. Other than meeting the occasional nimrods and jerks online or in real life, I’m doing pretty good. My first book will be published by the end of the summer which accomplishes my goal of getting published in 2012. My artist is fantastic and my editor thoroughly goes over everything with me. That part of my life is going very well and I’ve got a good head start on Book Two. I’d start writing part of Book Three at this point but since there’s no thirty-year difference between books this time, that’s not going to happen. I’m hoping to have Book Two completed by October 2013. If it’s not finished by then, no big deal. It took me about two years to write the last one, lol. 495 pages. 😀 Well, that’s about all that’s going on around here. Have a good weekend.

One of Those Days

     Today is just one of those days where everything I do feels wrong and I feel like I’m getting sick. This week has been another rollercoaster for me. I will be getting my first book published before the end of this year and everything seems to be falling into place. However, two weeks ago when it felt the same way, the next day was completely different so I’m just waiting for someone to pull the plug on this as well. I’m nervous but excited and no, critics will not get inside my head. I’m over and out for the weekend because I’m too tired to blog much at the moment.

She’s Home

     We got Sassy’s ashes back today so it’s a bit of a relief that we got her back after only a week and another harsh reality that she really is gone. Sorry, this post isn’t very long but it’s late and I’m tired. Tomorrow we are going to be spending a few hours with our friend’s presa canario. Since Sassy passed, our friends have been “lending” us their own dogs each day so that we don’t get completely lonely. They truly are the best people I could ever ask to know. ❤

Weight of the World, Gone!

     Had the final conversation with my father last night. He’s still under the illusion that I’m going to be  his best friend. >.> After the entire conversation where he kept saying “well, what you need to understand” and “you misunderstood…” *sarcasm* Yes because when you have all of your facts in order already, that’s precisely what you want to hear. That pissed me off, among other things. It’s not my fault that he doesn’t know me or what sets me off. So, we had a nice conversation but he still believes that “you’re(me) just going to wake up one day and find out that she’s(mom) the bad guy and I’ve(him) always been the good guy.” I’m not even going to bother hoping that one day he’ll wake up. I’ve been hoping that for the last ten years and look how well that’s gone. But, I honestly couldn’t be happier! No more lies or shit from his family. None of us were really close anyway so it’s not like it’s very hard to severe what little connection is there. Sure, we’ll be related by blood but all similarities end there. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I know I will. XD

Past the Writer’s Block Again

     I’m happy to announce that I’m past my writer’s block again lol. I was having some trouble with Chapter Five of Book Two of my trilogy but I finally managed to get past that dang chapter. I’ve already set up the general idea of what I want to happen in Chapter Six but it’s going to take a while to sort out all of the details. For the moment, I’m just writing what comes to mind for it. I haven’t written very much of it since two of my friends came over for the whole afternoon/evening so I was distracted. I seriously doubt that I’ll finish Chapter Six tomorrow, because it looks like it’s going to be a long and complicated one, but maybe by Sunday I can finish it. Nothing set in stone though. I’ve gone back to writing whenever I feel like it and about whatever I feel like since that has always kept me writing prolifically in the past. That’s how I’ve ended up with so many ideas for stories. So, I don’t really know what’s planned for me this week but I’ll take it as it comes. Apparently I’m supposed to hang out with my father sometime this week(which I’m dreading) but I might have to cancel it(yay) because I might get a call back for a job interview. I’m hoping to either be able to work at the Sheriff’s Office, Sun Hydraulics, or a very nice grooming business nearby for a start. It’ll be a while before I hear back about the Sheriff’s Office so I’ll at least be making a little money somewhere. Well, I’m over and out for now! ;p