Writing Updates

Another year is more than halfway gone. Despite many terrible events, it appears my life Just Keep Writingis back on track. This coming month is NaNoWriMo and while I plan to write quite extensively, I won’t officially be joining in the mayhem. If capable of pulling this off, I expect to have around 65k-75k words written in the span of a month across four books. To see the full list along with the cover reveals and giveaways, you’ll need to join my street team.

After those four books are completed, I will be ahead of my writing schedule and will continue surging ahead. By working on multiple projects at once, I am more capable of churning out a higher word count by switching between them as needed. With so many trunked stories from over the years, there is no way I’m going to be running out of material any time soon.



Writing Updates

The writing has been flowing quite successfully lately.

The word count for “Beastly” has been doubled and surpasses 6k words at the moment. It’s coming along faster than expected and a final word count estimate is coming into sight. It’s looking like more of a novelette as each day passes.

“Strangers from Enamyre” has progressed to Chapter Seven and came to a screeching halt again. Trying to quickly rectify the situation and get back on track. Rereading the two previous books in the series to help get myself in the proper mindset.

The “Shadows of the Abyss” anthology is coming along nicely. The official book cover was finalized yesterday. In the process of editing the submissions accepted and once those are finished and being formatted, a cover reveal/release event will be created on Facebook. The link will be provided here when the time comes.

Currently accepting submissions for three anthologies in the Fantasy Writers group on Facebook – Villain, Paranormal, and Dark Fairytales. All of the information for them is listed in the files.

Other than that, keeping up with writing blog posts here and for Pleasant Reads. Ensuring the author pages are updated and ready for the newest releases. Looking into putting up more book reviews so stay tuned for those as well.

Until then, happy writing!

Writing Updates

Let’s start with writing updates and links. Oh yes, lots of links, for I have been very productive in these last few months. Listed below are places I am contributing to, along with what exactly I contribute. Please take a look at each of them and give support, if you’re able.

  1. Mind Worth Fighting For – https://www.mindworthfightingfor.com/
    This website is run by a gal who is very dear to me. It’s a campaign against depression. It’s a non-judgmental place where you can get the answers and support you need from an amazing person who has taken the time during her own struggles to research and provide support here for others. Under the Team tab of this website, you will find me listed as Editor-in-Chief.
  2. Pleasant Readinghttp://pleasantreads.com/
    I came across a Facebook post requesting article writers and before I knew it, I was uploading my third post. This website has a lot to offer for readers and writers alike. This is where I’ll be posting How-To articles, book reviews, author interviews, and so much more.
  3. Steven Capps – https://stevencapps.com/
    Here you’ll find several helpful writing articles. Several of mine will also crop up every now and then.

This is sounding more and more like a resume rather than a blog article, so let’s shift gears here.

The “Shadows of the Abyssanthology and Villain anthology deadlines are today. Both have tentative publishing dates set for August. The Paranormal anthology deadline isn’t until the end of next month.

In between work and writing articles, I’m working on many of my own projects. The two currently on the forefront of my massive list are still “Beastly” and “Rogue Princess.”

Beastly” is to be published under my pen name Vanessa Bane. It’s a very new version of Beauty and the Beast, where the ‘Belle’ character is actually the beast. This story is flowing rapidly and it’s all I can do to keep up with the characters. I’m looking at a publishing date sometime later this year.

Rogue Princess” is a trunked story of ten years or so and will be published under my author name J.E. Feldman. It has been through some serious changes, including being melded with another story of similar caliber. Currently, this story has a 50/50 chance of being published this year.

There are so many other projects I currently work on and off right now, they are hardly worth bringing up unless a publishing date is near in sight. Everyone has been so excited waiting for “Strangers from Enamyre: Book Three of the Arbedenion Trilogy” to receive a publishing date, but as stated before, the book has been giving me hell to write and it has to be perfect. Even though it is staged for an eleven-book series at this point, many things need to be tied neatly into a bow before this book can end.

To keep tabs on the latest in writing, please follow these pages on Facebook.

J.E. Feldman – http://www.facebook.com/DragonQueen321
Vanessa Bane – http://www.facebook.com/VanessaBaneOfficial

Back in the Swing of Things

It has been a long time since the last post was made here, but things are going to be returning to normal. The reason for the delay were dramatic life-changing events going on in my life that were uncontrollable. For that, I apologize. I am returning with a new job, a new home, a new car, new publications, and an entirely new outlook on life. Most of the details are to come in the next blog posts, but for now, only the positive.

“Shadows of the Abyss” and the Villain Anthology deadlines are this Friday. We have received a decent amount of submissions for both. Once the open calls close, I will be working hard with my cohort to get both ready for publication.

“Strangers from Enamyre: Book Three of the Arbedenion Trilogy” will possibly need to be pushed back another year. This book needs to be perfect and it has been giving me hell to write.

Current projects as of this post are “Rogue Princess” and “Beastly.”

There is now a newsletter to follow for J.E. Feldman. The sign up is linked below, but I will have a proper introduction post in the near future.

As for everything else, you will just have to wait and see!

Newsletter Sign Up – http://tinyurl.com/JEFeldmanNewsletterSignUp

Big Book Signing in April

I have been waiting a few months for a big event happening this month at my local library. Several authors, including myself, will be hosting a large book signing event at the 26th Street South Manatee Branch Library in Bradenton, Florida, on Saturday, April 16th, from 9am to 3pm. I will be ecstatic to have you come out to see all of us there and to chat with you. It’s a little over two weeks away so mark it on your calendars! I will have copies of The Dragonscale, Shadow Blossom, Curse of the Heroines, Shadows of the Mind, and Hazardous available for sale.

Best Description prompt – Rising Dragon

Event Photo Credit: http://www.katepfeilschiefterart.com/20…/3/…/moonlit-meeting
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thefantasywriters/
2016 © J.E. Feldman
Writing Time: 30mins
Word Count: 957

Prompt Photo


 The consistent hum of the rushing water from the towering waterfall was gradually putting Ras to sleep. The water glowed with a soft radiance from the full moon above and everything felt calm in the world. As if everything was far too calm, something attached to the back of his shirt and jerked hard. Ras flailed and fell backwards from his comfortable position leaning against a boulder beside the waterfall.

“Stay still,” Aden cried out from nearby, setting aside his big hat and fishing rod.

In an instant, Ras knew it had happened again. Aden always loved going out to fish but rarely caught anything with scales. Aden mostly caught him.

“How many times do I have to show you how to throw the line out before it gets through your thick skull?”

“I know. I’m sorry,” Aden stated, gingerly removing the hook from the back of his friend’s tunic.

“Why can’t you have any normal past times? Like whittling wood or playing pranks on the girls in town?” Ras continued to whine.

“Well, remember how well I did with the whittling knife? Almost cut my hand off!”

“Oh, yeah,” Ras said, grinning from the recollection of that memory. “There was blood everywhere.”

“Yeah, my blood. So I would much rather fish and pretend to be good at something,” Aden declared.

Ras raised his hands in defeat. “Have it your way. I’m just getting tired of being your biggest catch.”

“One day soon, you won’t be. I’m going to bring back the biggest fish anyone in town has ever seen.”

“You wouldn’t be able to carry it two feet.”

“That’s why you’re here,” Aden informed him. “You’re also my witness.”

“Less yapping and more catching then,” his friend ushered, wanting to catch back up on his napping.

“You’ll see,” Aden mumbled to himself as Ras settled back against the boulder.

Paying more attention to where he threw his line, he tossed it over the edge into darkness and waited patiently. It felt like hours before he felt a little tug on the line and he jerked up on the fishing pole with all his might. He huffed in disappointment when he didn’t find a fish on the end and carefully tossed the line back over. At some point during the long night, he dozed off and a strong tug on his fishing line jerked the pole right out of his hand. He was clear-headed enough to see it whisk away into the darkness while a lump of panic dropped like acid into his stomach.


Aden’s shout of outrage roused Ras in an instant and he joined him at the edge, staring down hopelessly toward the seemingly endless bottom of the waterfall. Aden’s pale moonlit cheeks were flushed with disappointment and anger at his own stupidity. His father had told him a week earlier that fishing pole was going to be his last one and he would have to find a cheaper past time.

“Well,” Ras began. “Guess you’re back to whittling then.”

“How can you say that?” Aden yelled, rounding on his friend.

“Aden, calm down. It’s just another fishing pole. We should be getting back anyway.”

Ras’s inability to feel sympathy for his loss enraged him further and he shoved him, watching as he lost his balance. Ras’s shoulder collided painfully with a nearby boulder and he quickly turned to face his friend, backing away from the edge for safety. His timing couldn’t have been better as the ground beneath them began to quake and tremble, growing worse by the second.

“Aden, over here,” Ras shouted, holding onto a secure boulder with one hand and grasping for his friend through the dust screen caused by debris in the air.

It felt like hours before Aden grasped his hand and was a visible outline through the debris. Ras pulled him close and the two clung on for dear life, not knowing if they were going to live to see another sunrise. Almost as soon as it had started, the quaking and trembling halted, allowing the dust to settle at their feet. Part of the ledge they were fishing off of had crumbled away along with Ras’s favorite boulder.

“What was that?” Aden gasped out, choking on the leftover dust in his throat.

“Had to be an earthquake,” Ras was replying just as another vibration jolted through the rocks surrounding the waterfall.


The terror in Aden’s voice had Ras following his gaze upwards to the middle of the waterfall itself where a massive blue horned head was forcing its way out. A long, scaly neck soon followed along with a pair of wings. The beast paused for a moment, wings bracing it against the waterfall as it caught its breath. The boys, frozen in terror, had hands clasped across each other’s mouths so neither of them would let out the scream building up inside. When the beast’s gleaming eyes roamed in their direction and hovered, they found themselves unable to breathe.

At last, the beast looked away and dragged the rest of its body free of its watery prison. Its long, spiked tail lashed around as it tried to gain balance. Just as the boys were starting to hyperventilate, the beast launched itself off of the waterfall with a loud whooshing sound and disappeared into the night. Aden and Ras stared at each other in horror and excitement.

“We are going to be in so much trouble,” Aden whimpered, already beginning to pace.

“Just imagine if we could have taken that back to the town with us! You’d be the next great dragon slayer,” Ras exclaimed.

“Instead, we just released it and I’ll be forever known as the town idiot.”

“Well, there is that,” Ras chuckled.


Never Publishing with Realmwalker Publishing Group

Back on September 17th, I submitted “The Dragonscale” to the publishing group suggested by my friend. I was e-mailed back and was told to expect to receive a decision by the end of October. November 13th (over eight weeks later in total), I e-mailed the company wondering about the status of my submission. I ended up getting a very rude response back. After that, I’ve the notion to believe from the response that they never viewed my submission and their whole system of doing anything isn’t organized at all. Needless to say, I will not be publishing with this company and honestly do not recommend them to anyone. Put simply: It looks like they don’t have their shit together. And you never want someone like that backing you.