Happy August

     Happy August! I can’t believe it’s here already for 2012. This year flew by considerably quickly for me and continues to do so. As you no doubt have noticed, I have not been blogging as much as I would like to due to my constantly juggling of the normalities in life. Congratulations to those who have had books published while I have been away! I am excited for you and have added them to my reading list, which I am still in the process of narrowing down in between working and sleep. I’m sure you all know how it is. This month is going to be excruciatingly hot as always but shall be enjoyable nonetheless. I hope you all are already having a good start to this month and I hope to blog again soon. 🙂

Happy July

     Happy July, everyone! It’s already been a good month for me since I’ve started my new full-time job and have a new phone to keep me going. Not much else has been going on lately. I have managed to get some writing done but the second book is still a long way from being finished. My list of books to read continues to grow and I will get those reviews out just as soon as I can. I’m also still finding a way to fit my clan into the mix of everything. My schedule is going to be pretty full for a while until I get into the flow of things. So, just in case I miss it, Happy Fourth of July to everyone!

Happy June

     The year is already half over, hard to believe. The years are passing by more quickly for me now that all the juvenile steps in life are over. Not saying that there isn’t still a lot to accomplish in life yet, just nothing to do at the present moment. Now everyone else is out of school for the summer, my friends have graduated, and everything else moves on. I wish them luck with their endeavors, congratulations on graduating, and farewell to those that are leaving. I hope everyone enjoys their summer, while it lasts.

Keeping Busy

     I’ve certainly been keeping very busy this month. I celebrated my dog’s birthday without her and lived through it, found myself a vehicle, have been playing Runescape even more, and managed to catch a cold. But even in between all of that, I haven’t been writing nearly as much as I usually do. I know it’s just because several things are distracting me at once so I’m not worried about being “unable” to write. Today was a beautiful day outside until the humidity became overwhelming but all in all, a good end to the weekend. I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday. ;p

Happy May

     Sorry this post is so late but I haven’t been having a very good time lately. I am unable to write at the moment but that is only just the half of it. The publishing of my book will be delayed as I have lost two editors now. I prefer local so I have someone to collaborate and discuss things with during the entire editing process instead of sending it off to a publishing company, not having the final say, then having to pay to have the book edited the way I want. Maybe I’m just being complicated about the entire process but it’s my first book, I want to make a good impression, and I want to be a part of all of the steps of publishing. Continuing on, Sassy’s 12th birthday is this Wednesday and I’ve been depressed about that. I miss her a lot and I still feel like I never gave her enough attention while I had her. I’ve been drowning some things out with Runescape and music but it’s not helping as much as it did at first. All I can hope is that I can manage to write at some point and to keep writing during that random inspirational burst. It’s the only thing that makes me feel better in situations like this.

Four Weeks

     It’s been four weeks since we lost Sassy and it’s not any easier. I still catch myself making sure I don’t step on her when I come out of the kitchen, I look for her after I come home from a drive, and I keep going to change out the water in her dish before remembering. It’s really difficult and it makes me upset when people say “just get another dog.” Those people don’t understand and they never will. She wasn’t just a dog. She was/is family. She was with me when we moved to a different state, through all those times we moved to different houses, through the divorce, through my 18th birthday, when I got the news that I was going to be published, and much more in between. After four weeks, it still feels like yesterday.

The Latest Battles

     So my latest battles consist of several things. Starting with why I was in the hospital a couple days ago. I was having stomach pains for about eight days and the last day was so bad that I absolutely had to go. My mom believed it to be appendicitis because I had all of the symptoms. I ended up getting my first IV(which royally sucked!) and turns out that I passed a kidney stone. Next problem was that it’s hereditary and has nothing to do with me eating too much salt. Yay. Second battle is, of course, my father. He texts me and I actually respond(shocker there). Then, a couple of weeks later, he demands to know why I’m not speaking to him and blames me for not communicating. First of all, he said he would check in with me every other day and it’s not like I want to talk to him anyway. He’s made it clear he doesn’t want to be in my life and that he’s never going to make a real effort so why should I even bother? So there’s that situation. Then there’s the fact that it’s been exactly three weeks since my dog died and it still feels like the entire situation occurred only yesterday. I’m having some trouble with that. Other than meeting the occasional nimrods and jerks online or in real life, I’m doing pretty good. My first book will be published by the end of the summer which accomplishes my goal of getting published in 2012. My artist is fantastic and my editor thoroughly goes over everything with me. That part of my life is going very well and I’ve got a good head start on Book Two. I’d start writing part of Book Three at this point but since there’s no thirty-year difference between books this time, that’s not going to happen. I’m hoping to have Book Two completed by October 2013. If it’s not finished by then, no big deal. It took me about two years to write the last one, lol. 495 pages. 😀 Well, that’s about all that’s going on around here. Have a good weekend.